plastic part manufacturing Since 1993, our aim was to be the torch bearers and leaders in the plastic manufacturing business to follow our target it is our profound honor to be introduced as the most advanced local company which specializes in the most complex plastic parts manufacturing domestically.

Currently we operate with the large bunch of 150+ tones plastic injection molding machines, from 50 to 2000 tons at out both. We operate with two distinct facilities in Manisa, The Company entered thin-walled IML Plastics Injection Food Packaging Industry in 2005, the company was divided in two units one dedicated for industrial plastic parts manufacturing i.e auto mobiles, home appliances other dedicated food packaging. Each facility is equipped with the proper auxiliary equipment to manage and run large part work efficiently and effectively.

Coupling this equipment with our engineering, in-house mold building and plastic materials experience, Teknika Industiral is now becoming global leader in plastic injection molding of large plastic parts, serving a wide range of industries and applications.